True crime is popular culture’s “most wanted” genre: in today’s world, cell phone videos and photos provided by civilians with conviction are invaluable tools in apprehending criminals, assisting law enforcement and forensics experts on a regular basis around the globe.

We are a concerned virtual community, a crime-fighting user-sourced hub with free access to crime reports & alerts, designed to promote safety & security, increase police transparency, & promote public awareness.

COUCHDETECTIVES.COM is “the YouTube of crime,” a crowd-sourced video sharing site where users can sign in to search, view, and post videos &.photos of crimes that are local, across the nation, or around the world. COUCHDETECTIVES.COM is a central hub of misdeeds and wrongdoing, from nuisance crimes to serial killers, cold cases to open investigations, porch pirates to grand theft.

Crimes can be easily searched by entering the state, city, and type of misdeed. Users can view existing videos & reports, or post their own videos & photos of crimes they have witnessed or been victims of themselves. The focus is on credibility (seeing is believing) using online evidence & encouraging audience participation. Law enforcement agencies confirm a major percentage of crimes are solved by civilian tips; COUCHDETECTIVES.COM unites disparate groups from all walks of life to unite for justice. Online open source evidence can be used in court, and we expect COUCHDETECTIVES.COM to be viewed as an impromptu branch of the judiciary, an online collective to help identify & eventually charge perpetrators.

Real-life crime has become compulsive viewing, and users can check COUCHDETECTIVES.COM repeatedly on a daily basis, like Facebook or Instagram. The universal fascination with the extremes of human bad behavior, combined with people’s thirst for solving puzzles, wanting answers, and seeing justice prevail—knowledge is power—will drive this new site. Along with links to law enforcement & investigative teams, we have informative tips (original articles plus site users’ real experiences) on how to keep crimes seen on our site from happening to them, common “scams”/uncommon “scams,” plus a “Scam of the Week,” and how to spot it, and much more.

At COUCHDETECTIVES.COM, crime does pay, but not for the criminals.  Many of our postings offer substantial cash rewards for tipsters, an important investigative tool. It may only take one tip to solve a crime.

Animal abuse, arson, assault, burglary, hate crimes, hit & run, homicide, missing persons, stolen pets, sex crimes, vandalism. Sadly, the variety of human offense & felony is almost endless, but our common desire to seek justice and right wrong only grows stronger. “True crime” series, podcasts, conventions, festivals, books, and movies attract a wide swath of addicted civilian sleuths. It’s a global obsession that’s grown quickly from entertainment genre to real activism.

The encyclopedic nature of COUCHDETECTIVES.COM—indeed, its’ very existence—helps us cope with both the horror and fascination to explore what scares us most, then take action. To have the ability to actually make a difference in our world using our natural powers of observation, communication, and teamwork: that’s what makes a great “Couch Detective.”

Man with suspect