Cell phone videos provided by individuals with conviction are invaluable tools in apprehending criminals.

Until now, however, these important pieces of evidence appear briefly on news feeds, then sacrificed to make room for the next story of the day. Essential clues from witnesses and victims are lost in the shuffle. This is no way to solve crime.  

CouchDetectives, a crowd-sourced video/photo sharing site where you can browse to search & view, or sign in to post videos & photos of local crimes, is a central hub of misdeeds & wrongdoing, from nuisance crimes to serial killers, cold cases to IRT open investigations, porch pirates to grand theft.  

To have the ability to actually make a difference in our world using natural powers of observation, communication, & teamwork: that’s what makes a great CouchDetective.

the ability to make a difference!

Be a part of the CouchDetective community and make a difference!